Franklin, NC elder law attorney

As we grow older, it’s important to understand what issues can arise that might call for counsel from an experienced, compassionate¬†Franklin, NC elder law attorney. If you have concerns about your own or a loved one’s affairs, make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your options.


Common Issues in Elder Law

The term elder law actually encompasses a variety of different legal areas. Many have an aging parent or grandparent and worry about their medical care or financial affairs. At your initial consultation, your attorney can listen carefully to all of the concerns you have and help prepare a game plan. Issues that can be addressed might be forming an estate plan and dealing with social security or other government benefits. The course of action will greatly depend on whether the elderly client is able to participate in the decision-making.


Proactive Representation

Ideally, the elder law client is one who is still capable of making informed decisions about their own legal issues. In that case, your attorney can discuss strategies for forming an estate plan that meets your needs. This might include the drafting of wills, trusts and other advanced directives for your healthcare and business affairs such as a power of attorney or living will. Your attorney can also discuss how to seek benefits such as SSI or SSD if they apply. If you have already applied for benefits and been denied, your attorney can discuss the appeals process and represent you.


Issues Involving Incapacitated Clients

If your loved one is past the point of being able to actively participate in their own affairs, this can present different issues that your attorney can counsel you on. You may need information about pursuing a guardianship over your loved one, so you can make decisions on his or her behalf. Your attorney can explain how to do this.

To make an appointment with a skilled, Franklin, NC elder law attorney, with a strong track record of successful representation and satisfied clients, call the Law Office of Russell R. Bowling at (828) 524-5070.

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