Franklin, NC real estate attorneyIf you are thinking of buying or selling your home, contact an experienced Franklin, NC real estate attorney as soon as possible. Let us take you through the process from initial listing through closing and beyond if necessary. The best way to help ensure a smooth transaction is to understand the law and work toward anticipating problems before they happen.


Pre-Sale Representation

State and federal law imposes strict requirements on home sellers in terms of contract requirements and disclosures. Your attorney can educate you about these requirements and help you draft a purchase contract in compliance. For buyers, it’s important to understand what the sellers should provide.

Once you have an offer, your attorney can carefully review the purchase contract. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, your lawyer can help make sure you understand the terms of your purchase agreement and that you know what to expect. Additionally, if problems come up with the property inspection, you may need an advocate to help address them.


Your Attorney’s Role at Closing

After the contract is accepted, the attorney can work with the title company to make sure all requirements are satisfied to convey clear title. Issues can arise with financing and your attorney can review them and help you determine how to address them. At your closing, especially for buyers, you can expect stacks of paperwork and contracts to be signed. Your attorney can review them on the spot to help make sure there are no errors and that you understand what you’re signing.


Issues That Can Arise After the Sale

If you’ve recently bought or sold a home and issues arise with the property, contact an attorney right away. Your attorney can review your contract and the events leading up to closing to help you understand the best course of action for seeking a remedy.

To make an appointment with a Franklin, NC real estate attorney contact the offices of Law Office of Russell R. Bowling. To schedule an appointment for your initial consultation, call (828) 524-5070.

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