Social Security Disability attorney in Franklin, NCIf you or a loved one suffer from a disability, you may qualify for significant benefits from the Social Security Administration. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney in Franklin, NC, at the law offices of Russell R. Bowling can explain how to pursue a claim.

Case Evaluation

An experienced SSD attorney understands what the Social Security Administration looks for when making a disability determination. The system is fraught with abuse and your attorney can discuss possible red flags with your case. Your initial meeting with your attorney will likely focus on the type of disability you have and where you are in the claims process if you’ve started one. While your attorney can’t guarantee you’ll qualify for benefits, he or she can give you a realistic assessment of what to expect if you file.

Preparing a Benefit Claim

Successful claims are usually those which are clearly documented and meet statutory requirements in the claims process. Your attorney can carefully analyze your application package and discuss ways to meet the proof requirements. Your attorney can then prepare your application and educate you on what comes next. Many claims are initially denied because of incomplete applications. A skilled attorney can help prevent that.

Aggressive Representation in Appeals

If you’ve filed a disability claim and been denied, all hope is not lost. Many claims that are denied at the initial application stage go on to successful appeals. It is a cumbersome, time-consuming process and your best chance is to get it right the first time. Your attorney can review the Administration’s rationale for denial and help ensure your appeal is complete and timely filed. Your attorney can also attend the appeals hearing with you and help you prepare an aggressive defense.

With a highly skilled Social Security Disability attorney in Franklin, NC in your corner, you can take much of the guesswork and red tape out of filing an SSD claim or pursuing an appeal. To make an appointment for an initial consultation with the Law Office of Russell R. Bowling, call (828) 524-5070.

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