Estate Attorney in Franklin, NCThinking about end of life financial and family planning can be difficult for many people. With a sensitive, experienced estate attorney in Franklin, NC the process can go very smoothly. Don’t wait until it’s too late. The sooner you discuss your estate plan with an attorney, the more options you may have.


The Estate Planning Interview

When you meet with an attorney, you can explain what’s most important to you. Your attorney can get a picture of your financial affairs and discuss your options for meeting your goals and objectives.


Common Estate Planning Objectives

For many, one of the main concerns they have is how to protect their wealth and assets for future generations. You may have concerns about tax implications for your estate, worry about the care of minor children in the event something happens to you or perhaps own a business where continuity is a concern. For many, a main goal can be probate avoidance. Your attorney can discuss estate planning options that can address each of these issues so you can make an informed decision about what you want.


The Estate Planning Package

Your individual estate plan will be crafted based on the character of the assets you have as well as your express goals and objectives about what should happen to them. Typical documents in an estate plan might include a will or a trust. Your attorney can explain the unique differences and operation of each. If you have minor children or a family member with a disability, your attorney can discuss ways to provide for their care if you are no longer able. Additionally, your estate planning package can also contain documents necessary to provide for your medical care and affairs in the event you become disabled. Let your attorney describe how.

Trust your financial affairs to a skilled Franklin, NC, estate law firm who can take the time to understand your personal goals and objectives and help you develop a sound strategy for meeting them. To make an appointment with the Law Office of Russell R. Bowling, call (828) 524-5070 for scheduling.

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