Family attorney in Franklin, NC

Family law matters are among the most important, sensitive legal issues a client can have. If you are going through a divorce or would like assistance on other family law matters such as an adoption, contact an experienced family attorney in Franklin, NC .


Uncontested Divorces

By far the smoothest divorce process will happen if both spouses can agree on the major issues in the divorce. Those issues may include custody of minor children, property division or the payment of spousal or child support. If you and your ex can come to an agreement, this can save time and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in court. Even in an uncontested divorce, both parties should seek independent legal advice to ensure your interests are protected. At the law office of Russell R. Bowling, we can review your case and help you start divorce proceedings from the initial complaint filing through final judgment.

Even if you and your spouse don’t initially agree, we can discuss means of alternative dispute resolution as you proceed.


Adoption Matters

Bringing a new child into the family is one of the most important events of your life regardless of how it comes about. Whether it is a stepparent adoption, closed adoption, direct placement or otherwise, our attorneys can review your case and help you prepare the necessary paperwork to present to court. Adoption day is one of the most joyous occasions to take place in the courthouse. Let an experienced attorney help you plan and prepare for that day to help ensure there are no surprises preventing you from getting that final adoption decree signed.

Family law matters require experienced, compassionate counsel to help you understand the process and anticipate potential roadblocks along the way to resolution. Let our office help you take the guesswork out of your experience with the family court.

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